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When I edit a paper, I always use Microsoft Word’s track changes function. The track changes function marks all of the changes that I make to the paper. It keeps
When I edit an APA references page for a dissertation or thesis, I begin with a quick initial scan and check the titles first. I’ll proofread more thoroughly on the second
There’s a lot to formatting references pages. There are so many rules, and the appearance, from the hanging indents to the spacing, is enough to throw anyone off. Here are
When I copyedit a chapter, article, dissertation or anything for a client, I create an individualized style guide for that project. That doesn’t mean that I’m creating the page design,
APA style is very particular about formatting for headings and subheadings. I personally love structure, so I prefer APA’s style requirements over the Chicago Manual’s loosey-goosey, “do-what-you-want-just-be-consistent” requirements. Here’s what

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