I want to help you grow.

From improving your English to polishing your academic and nonfiction writing, I empower writers.

Copyediting or proofreading for dissertations, master’s theses, journal articles, research and reflective essays, and admissions materials. I can help with grammar, clarity, and MLA, APA, or Chicago-style formatting.

Live Tutoring & Coaching Sessions

Improve your writing skills. Clients use these sessions to talk through their writing process, develop their ideas, or improve their academic English skills in preparation for graduate school.

Copyediting and proofreading for nonprofits working on grant writing. Not only do I polish the prose and fix the grammar, but I also make sure that you’ve catered your grant to the application.

Copyediting and proofreading for reports, white pages, educational materials, and documentation for educational agencies and institutions. I work with clients to clean up their drafts, improve readability, or double-check their final products. I specialize in nonfiction materials related to K–12 education.

What It's Like to Work With Me:

You provided an honest assessment and perspective from start to finish. . . . You understood my personal investment and were respectful of my work. You were accessible, organized and easy to work with. . . . The experience hiring you was one of the best decisions I made during the dissertation process. Finding you and your services was truly a blessing. Amid so many regular dissertation struggles, a pandemic and racial challenges your presence was actually very cathartic and kind. I was impressed by your work ethic and attention to detail."
Urisonya F.
Dissertation Writer
[I appreciated] your willingness to research the norms for the particular genre and audience I was targeting, whether children's magazine or prayer book. . . . I hope to work with you again someday!"
Sheila D.
poetry & fiction author
Ellen stands in front of a white wall. She's smiling and wearing a yellow cardigan.

About Ellen:

I taught middle school English for six years before I quit to pursue my love of language in a different manner. While I was teaching, I worked with advanced thinkers, imaginative creators, emerging speakers, and struggling writers. My favorite thing was to work with the individuals and help them with exactly what they needed. 

When I started editing, I reached back to my college days working in a university writing center, copyediting the school newspaper, and diving into my grammar and linguistics courses. I advanced my editing ability with an Art of Proofreading certification. Now, I combine those skills with my passion for seeing the writer as a person. I know your work is important to you, and I want to help you make your writing come to life–whether through advancing your academic English abilities, drafting your dissertation, polishing your formatting for your style guide, or checking for inconsistencies in your fiction piece, my focus is on you as the writer.  

Krystal, a redhead, smiles at the camera

About Krystal:

I recently completed my PhD in Rhetoric, and I consider myself a scholar of political rhetoric and popular culture. While in graduate school, I taught several communication courses and worked at a University Speaking Center and a University Writing Center. A self-proclaimed grammar nerd (a few of my favorite podcasts cover grammatical and linguistic topics!), I enjoy the editing and revising process. My favorite part of the writing process, though, is working with students and clients on organization, clarifying ideas, and enhancing argumentation. As your editor/consultant, I aim to provide you with the tools and resources to enrich your own writing. I benefited greatly from the writers and scholars who guided my own writing process, and I am delighted by my personal growth as a writer. I am now honored to provide similar guidance to others who are refining their own pieces.  

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